Monday, August 11, 2008

Meeting other athletes

President Bush came to the National Aquatics Center on Sunday and met some of the athletes. I had a chance to meet him and chat briefly. On Monday many of the NBA players came to watch swimming, and we had a chance to sit with them and talk about sports. This is one of the unique things about the Olympics environment that I also remember from the 2004 Athens Games, the chance to meet many other athletes from all types of sports. One can sit down in the dining hall and eat with a fencer from Romania, a gymnast from Japan, a marathoner from Kenya, etc. As a physician it is interesting and educational to see the different types of injuries that occur in different athletes and sports. I also learn a lot observing and speaking with athletic trainers and physicians from other sports and from other countries. We get to share notes and experiences, as well as form new friendships.

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JO said...

I met Pres. Bush once while waiting tables in NY. I also met Rudi Giuliani and many of the athletes drafted into the NBA in 2004, but your experiences must be amazing! The olympics sound like the place to be! Keep our boys and girls healthy!