Saturday, August 9, 2008

The competition starts today!

We are all ready, after training camps at Stanford University, Singapore, and then here in Beijing. The U.S. Olympic Swimming team has a number of world record holders, so we look forward to a strong showing. However, there are challenges from athletes from all over the world.

The schedule for the preliminaries amd finals has been reversed to allow for the final to be shown live on the east coast in the U.S. This is great for the U.S. viewing audience, as you will get to see most events live! The finals will be in the morning here, while the preliminaries will be in the evening. This is a huge change (and concession to TV), since most all sports have always had the finals in the evening. This schedule change has had implications for athletes schedules for training, sleep, and meals. We start with preliminaries tonight (Sat. Aug. 9) in swimming.

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Whole_Body_Healer said...

Hey Scott! I just wanted to say hi & congratulations on your Olympic team physician post. Must be awesome to be over there! Hope you don't have too much serious stuff to deal with and are able to enjoy all that China & the Olympic experience has to offer!

My mom heard your name mentioned on the Olympics, so I looked you up & voila! She also said that Jerry's son Matt is coaching one of the swim teams there? Don't know if you've connected with him.

Anyway, congrats on all this & what looks to be an exciting career!
Michalene Casey